• Personal TV signal amplifier (for use with bluetooth loopset)
  • Significantly improves TV speech understanding
  • Streams the signal from TV to hearing aid
  • common 3.5mm headphone connector
  • Possible to use with any audio device with headphone jack

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*** this is not a stand-alone product, compatible with all Artone wireless loopsets.

If you can’t hear your TV, if your relatives or neighbors complain that its to loud- use TVB, it will transfer the audio signal from the TV directly to your hearing aid!
​You can adjust the volume to your specific needs, while others can continue listening to the TV speaker at a their hearing level.

If you can hear the TV but with all noises of the surroundings – use TVB, it works together with your Artone 3  MAX , that transfers only the audio signal that you need through the “t-coil” of your hearing aid, without any surrounding noises and interference.

Use the TVB, connect it to your Ipod and enjoy the music  coming directly through your hearing aids. The TVB is a small stylish  device that can be easily connected to any audio source.

Or you just want to listen to morning news on your home radio when you’r making breakfast across the room in the kitchen.

Use the TVB, connect it to your radio set (or audio system), put on the LoopSet and go cook breakfast up to 33 feet away with a clear sound transmitted wirelessly to your hearing aid.

59 (L) x 59 (W) x 19 mm (H)

39.4 g

10 m

Working time
up to 15h (AUX mode)

up to 12h (SPDIF mode)

Charging time
around 2h

Charging power

Wireless version
V 4.1

Wireless profile

Audio codec
SBC / aptX

Battery capacity

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