HD40S Amplified Telephone Amplifies Outgoing Speech.


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Outgoing Speech Amplified Telephone w/ Photo Memory Speed Dials

  • Incoming speech amplification : 0 to 18 dB
  • Out-going speech amplification: 0 to 40 dB (note: HD-40S can only be used either as an incoming or outgoing speech amplify phone – but not both at the same time)
  • Battery backup supports full amplification and all functions during AC power outage
  • Hearing aid compatible receiver: Yes
  • Ringer loudness: Hi, Mid, Low (95dBA max)
  • Ringer tone: Low, High
  • Ring flasher: Yes (front and side)
  • Auto-amplify switch (auto-reset switch): Yes
  • Photo memory buttons: 9
  • Dialing method: Tone / Pulse
  • Redial, Flash, Pause keys: Yes

The HD40S provides you with outgoing voice amplification up to 40dB amplification and incoming voice amplification up to 18dB amplification. The HD40S is designed for those with speech loss and or mild hearing loss.