Sanitary Headphone Cover – 8 cm diameter – Light Blue


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These headphone covers are nominally 8 cm in diameter but it is somewhat stechable. The hole through which the headphone fits, is rather small with a good elastic (can be seen in the pictures as the white ring in the centre) and that makes it possible to fit smaller headphones as well without any danger of coming off.

The headphones covers are sold in packets of 100 units (50 pairs.)

It is made of a non-woven fabric which is widely used for the purpose. It is highly recommended to use these covers in our era of corona virus problems. It has been reported that repeated contact with alcohol based products like hand sanitizer the material of the headphone hardens and cracks over time. This makes a cover a far better option to protect the user where the headphone has to be shared among different people.

Please note that there is also a bigger headphone cover available (12 cm in diameter.) Those are for the headphones that cover over and around the ear.

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