STIII Satellite III Large Area Loop System


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Portable and installed induction loop systems readily transmit the spoken word directly and clearly to a listener’s hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. Optional receivers are available for listeners without T-coil-equipped hearing aids.

Satellite III Loop System by: Oval Window Audio

The Satellite III is a cost-effective hearing assistance system that is ideal for churches, schools, meeting rooms, theaters, libraries and more. And, if your seating area is larger than 300 feet around, you can use additional Satellite III systems to provide adequate coverage.

The Satellite III hearing assistance system comes complete with:

  • A 500-foot spool of loop wire (actual loop size should not exceed 325 feet)
  • An induction loop receiver with headphones for testing & signal strength conformation
  • Signage.
  • Comprehensive instructions.
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

Larger areas can be covered by adding a Bridging Amplifier” Please contact ALDS Australia for further information and a quote as required.