Geemarc AMPLIDECT COMBI 295 amplified telephones

Get the best of both worlds with the desktop model and the cordless phone with this combination with this amplified pair.  You get the same amplification of about 30 dB on either telephone.  On the desktop model you have the ease of dialing with the big numbers and bigger screen to see who is calling while you have the comfort of having a cordless phone in another area of the house of building without having to run more cables.  More cordless phones can be added to this combination, making it the ideal combination to have telephones wherever you may be in a large house or workplace.

Geemarc WAKE’N’SHAKE CURVE Alarm Clock with shaker


  • USB port to recharge mobiles and other electronic devices
  • Extra loud (95dB) alarm
  • Duration of alarm: 1 hour, unless manually stopped 4 alarm options:
    o Audible alarm with flashing LED light and vibrating shaker
    o Audible alarm with vibrating shaker
    o Vibrating shaker with flashing strobe
    o Vibrating shaker only
  • Large LED Screen 11 x 5 cm with Red digits on back background for high contrast
  • Extra-large fonts 2.2 x 5 cm
  • Adjustable tone control to suit your hearing
  • LED screen with adjustable dimmer switch: (HI/MED/LOW)
  • LED visual alarm indicator
  • 12 or 24 hour clock display options


  • Optional battery backup in case of power failure (Battery type required: CR2032; not included)
  • Size: 17.5 x 9 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 268g
  • Adjustable snooze from 5 to 60 mins
  • Power adaptor 9V DC 1.5A
  • Supplied with pillow shaker :
    o Jack plug: 5.5 mm
    o Wire length: 2m
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