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ARTONE 3 MAX Bluetooth Amplified Neckloop

Artone-3MAX streamer   is the most powerful bluetooth neckloop  on the market,
that works even for severe hearing loss and cochlear implants.  

This version of the popular Artone bluetooth loopset /neckloop  will create a link from your hearing aid to your Bluetooth phone. When purchasing the Artone -3 product you upgrade your hearing device  to “Bluetooth hearing aid” level.  Hearing aid/implant  with Bluetooth function allows the user to communicate over cell phone, using the hearing aid as a handsfree.  Further more you can listen to the TV while using the hearing aid/implant  as wireless headphones.  Artone -3  streamer  also allow music streaming straight into hearing device  from iPhone, iPods, iPads.  Artone 3 users can enjoy:  podcasts, videos, music transmitted straight to the hearing aid/implant.


ARTONE 3 streamer creates a link from a hearing aid/implant  (must be equipped with T-Coil) and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phone, computer, music player etc. Thereby, ARTONE 3 enables crystal clear sound transmission for hearing aid users during mobile phone conversation or music streaming.


ARTONE 3 upgrades a T-Coil equipped hearing device in to a Bluetooth hearing device.

Using the ARTONE 3, the hearing aid users can communicate over mobile phone using their hearing aid as handsfree or listen to music using their hearing aid as wireless headphones. 

Crystal clear amplified sound of voice or music is transmitted from the audio source to the hearing aid through the ARTONE 3 without any interference.



In a time of a call the signal from the mobile phone is wirelessly 
sent to the ARTONE 3 Bluetooth LoopSet where the signal is processed, cleared and amplified. Then the signal is sent to the user’s hearing aid or implant. 

The hearing aid processes the signal once again and adjusts the signal to the user’s personal level. When having a mobile phone conversation, the hearing aid user’s voice is captured by the ARTONE3 Bluetooth® LoopSet microphone, it is processed and cleared by cutting the unnecessary background noises, it is amplified and then the signal is sent to the user’s handset. 

The product is equipped with noise cancellation system that allows the hearing aid user to communicate even in a noisy environment.


When paired with any audio device equipped with Bluetooth, ARTONE 3 enables the transmission of crystal clear amplified sound of music, film, Skype conversation etc. without any interference from the audio device into the hearing aid.

To enjoy crystal clear amplified sound streaming from non-Bluetooth audio sources such as television, Ipod, MP3 player etc. or for amplification of conversation in noisy environment, an additional transmitter must be used with the ARTONE 3 – the ARTONE TVB transmitter or the ARTONE TVB+ Wireless Microphone and Transmitter.


·        Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles     

·        Wirelessly enjoy stereo music from all A2DP-enabled 
devices, such as iphone  cell phones, PDA, PC etc  

·        Features Software & CVC echo/noise cancellation for 
reducing noise


·        Remote controls: play, skip and select your music.

·        Totally wireless.

·        Clear amplified communication.

·        Compatible with any phone with Bluetooth® technology.

·        Compatible with any hearing aid equipped with T-coil 
option Rechargeable Long lasting Battery

·        Voice dial options.

·        compatible with Artone TVB – for SKYPE, TV, Radio, 

·        Light and elegant style.

Clarity Bluetooth TV Listener Amplified Headphones

TL100 TV Listener wireless headphones

For amplifying TV shows, phones calls and streaming music.

These Bluetooth headphones come with multipoint connection pairing seamlessly to both your television and mobile phone at the same time.

This allows the user to amplify TV shows, calls or stream music without disturbing others. Finally everyone can watch the same show at a volume that is comfortable for them.


• Hear the TV clearly without disturbing others

• Also pairs with Bluetooth-enabled phone, so you can take calls and/or listen to music

• Voice prompts alert you to incoming phone calls, battery life, and connection status

• OpenMic button lets you hear your surroundings without removing headphones

• On-ear controls to control music or take or end calls

• Pillow-soft, memory foam ear cushions with auto-adjusting headband

• Qualcomm aptX low latency codec for real-time Bluetooth connectivity

• Hearing aid compatible

• One year limited warranty

Go beyond basics with today’s smartest audio and lifestyle technology. Streaming audio pauses as soon as you slip off the headphones and resumes playback when you put them on. You can even control your smart phone and tablet from up to 33ft away without even touching them.

All-day comfort

Show your ears some love and slip on the TL100 headphones. Pillow-soft, memory-foam cushions and a self-adjusting headband fit you so naturally, they feel made just for you. They’re so light and comfortable that, if it wasn’t for the music, you’d forget they were on.

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