ARTONE MIC Wireless Bluetooth Microphone


Artone MIC is a wireless microphone that will connect to your Bluetooth streamer (Artone 3 MAX) and will enable you to hear the sounds your were missing until now.

You do not need to have hearing aids with bluetooth, you do not need to have ultra expensive hearing aids. With Artone MIC your hearing aid will be upgraded to the highest possible level, enabling you to listen to a conversation, listen to TV and use the cell phone.

All you need is a t-coil in your hearing aid and one of one of the Artone bluetooth loopset products.

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ARTONE MIC is a wireless microphone that enables the hearing aid user to hear even the sounds previously missed in environment with high ambient noise such as restaurants, social gatherings, parties.

With the ARTONE MIC the hearing aid user can hear the speaker clearly in lectures, church, classes with no interference.

Furthermore, the ARTONE MIC can be used for crystal clear amplified sound streaming from television, music players and other audio sources directly into user’s hearing aid.


1. ARTONE MIC as a wireless microphone:

ARTONE MIC pairs wirelessly with the Artone wireless streamers.

ARTONE MIC is used as a microphone by the speaker in a loud ambient noise environment (the microphone sensitivity can be adjusted depending on the proximity of the microphone to the speaker).

The hearing aid user hears clearly the speech of the speaker in their hearing aid without any interference from the ambient noise.

2. ARTONE MIC as a transmitter:

ARTONE MIC pairs wirelessly with the Artone wireless streamers

ARTONE MIC is connected by hardwire connection into a television, music player or other audio source.

Crystal clear amplified sound of voice or music is transmitted from the television, music player or any non-Bluetooth audio source to the hearing aid through the ARTONE streamer without any interference.


  • Stereo frequency range – A2DP
  • Totally wireless.
  • Clear amplified communication.
  • Microphone sensitivity control
  • Direct audio input option
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Compatible with Artone 3 MAX

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